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Final Fantasy XIII-2; Lucky Coin Fragment;. I bought 5,000 Casino Coins,. but the Serendipitous Achievement/Trophy didn't trigger until I exited the slot.Once you are on Episode 5, you can get a sliver chocobo by using a moogle throw at the center of the green sphere where you meet Hope.You might have to make a few worthless attempts with the machines before you get a hot Mood but when you do, stick around and prepare to spend some Casino Coins.Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trophy Guide By. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII,. Amassed a fortune in casino coins.Here is the full list of unlockable achievements for Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the. – Amassed a fortune in casino coins. list of unlockable trophies in Final.All the latest Final Fantasy XIII-2 cheats, cheat codes, hints, trophies,. Downloadable Final Fantasy XIII-2 Cheats. cheat. Amassed a fortune in casino coins.

Posts about Final Fantasy XIII-2 written by. winning 10,000 casino coins for Serendipitous trophy,. overall the p0st-game wasn’t as bad as Final Fantasy XIII.Trophy guide final fantasy xiii 2. Win 10,000 Casino Coins in Serendipity. Coins earned during the DLC Episode "Heads or Tails?" do not count. 12.This frag you must win 10,000 coins by gambling either with Slots or Chocobo Races.Slots - Final Fantasy XIII-2:. you can win if you win over 7 777 casino coins only in the slot machines. Achievements and Trophies. Monster Table.Best way for me to win a lot of coin is to get a good amount of coin at the beginning like somewhere around 1000 coin.

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Find the Silver Chocobo in Academia 4XX in the Research Lab on the green projector in the middle of the area.For Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "Casino slots?". Menu. Recommendations on 'Clockstopper' and Casino Coins Trophies?.Final Fantasy XIII-2 cheats & more for PlayStation 3. Mastered the timeline and obtained every trophy available. Amassed a fortune in casino coins.~ Subscribe here for Final Fantasy XIII-2. Serendipity Lucky Coin Fragment + Serendipitous Trophy. Let's Play Final Fantasy 13-2 Part 038 [Casino.

FINAL FANTASY XIII-2. Купите за 10 000 Casino Coins CHAOS CRYSTAL. Achievements and Trophies. Optimal Leveling Guide.

Play Final Fantasy XIII-2 online with Playstation 3. that I have played both Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2. Serendipitous Amassed a fortune in casino coins.Charge up your experience with Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guide. Final Fantasy, FF, XIII-2, FFXIII-2, FF13-2,. 10,000 Casino Coins.

Added to the fact that with the Collector Catalogue, the enemies will drop a base amount of 1k Gil, this is by far the best money making spot in the game.There are 5 fragments that you can get in Serendipity, but they are all hard ones. FragmentAvailability Lucky Coin There are two ways to get this, spend hours on the.Great thing here is that u will aslo get the lucky coin fragment.AF Purchase for 10,000 casino coins or 7,500 if you have the Bargain. Final Fantasy XIII-2. to explore the world and to obtain various trophies.

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Wow, Okay, so these guys are using all the gambling options, but to be honest, you could still lose a lot.Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Impressions: Sazh Goes All In. casino coins), Sazh's goal is to collect. (the DLC doesn't add any new achievement or trophies,.If youre unlucky, just give the rubber-band method another try.

PS3 Trophies and Game Saves; CFW: Final Fantasy XIII/FF XIII-2 100. Final Fantasy XIII/FF XIII-2 100%. Once you get 3.5k coins on second league, Trophy will.In Final Fantasy XIII-2 you can use Time Reversal on each of the areas,. just like the last Final Fantasy,. Amassed a fortune in casino coins.Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, a heart-warming tale of a young boy named Oliver, who embarks on a journey into.We have updated our PRIVACY POLICY and encourage you to read it by clicking here.