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Sbones869: I use LTC for my transfers fastest and easiest now.UnrealizedLendingFees: hassan.bharwana, Support is seriously slow.Banhammer: depecewe and maxxigorev banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Texasbread.Herbalist: krissolek, id be buying more now that its cheap not selling it but its your choice but id wait for the wallet release, kovri and hardware wallet support.Banhammer: bl4ck banned for 1 days, 0 hours, and 0 minutes by Mirai.Banhammer: 1b4thirty banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Mirai.Golden1: historically ripple does not hold any price appreciation as the currency is very centralized and the super vast majority of its supply is held by only very few.

NowMortimerJames: tradejoe777, did it. waiting on it to hit here.DOCinTheBox: gary-df78, welcome to Polo time use TUX:D.Jindmahi: wildacasmeron, dgb is the first coin that activate segwit.FatAlbert: slowtrain, yes some polo users have now hired a law firm to look into this.Gravychain: All i can find on DBG twitter is reposts of random people hyping DGB but not giving a reason.Shephard: Watchtower, my dgb balance is not show --what is problem i cant sell.

Mirai: missotlowski, give it some more time please, Support will review it as soon as they can.NowMortimerJames: JacktheRippler, lol its nothing, but a fraction of an arp off interest is better than none.Alexaxel98: Watchtower, im paying you so i order you to not ban.RedCar: Dmitry2027, please do not speak to me or my fellow co workers as such.Withasmile: AUandAG, Just escalated it for you and thank you for your patience.Watchtower: s28278187, Please file a support ticket at Include the transaction id, payment id, amount sent, and from where it was sent.PeaInMysouP: the ddos excuse worn out, never was ddos to begin with.DustOff: bringingthefuture, no cryptography based decentralized issuation. just one company creating tokens from thin air for free.ReggiePerrin: The Japanese and Korean chat-rooms will move from xrp to something else tomorrow.

Rifleman77: tired of getting a ss blasted by thor for just giving my opinion.ByTheHammerOfThor: neverdiez19, the only deveeloper on NAUT is dead.

SeekingAlfalfa: ripple announces lockup, polo announces seizure.Stecha66: can one of you moderators please tell me why my support ticket is still not being tended to.Arielle: mobile version does not lag like this now i know what you guys are talking about.

BazoOoOkA: Neverlucky, why dont u go out again pls. let it climb 300:D.DoktaSpot: whales trying to suppress xrp, but they gonna get rekt.Spideybot: been trading since 2013 if you need help ask me here -.The 2+2 Forums Before using this Forum, please refer to the Terms and Conditions (Last modified: 2/26/2006) Be sure to read the Two Plus Two Internet Magazine.Camcox777: with that news of xrp, that should dilute the price.Compare the volume here and ripple network volume 320M on polo against 22M on ripple network.But when ppl can, legally, pay less, I advice ppl to do so: even if it involves changing country.

Lewball89: Any green on margin lending is just pure profit right apart from lending fees ofc.SkinnyWhale: i heard of a guy that sold like a 15k xrp when it was 0.035.Banhammer: Believer, AMICRYPTO, and info-0c88 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Mirai.BulletProof: Polo currently is like the AOL free CD package at the start of the internet.BTCLTCmillionaires: i lost big this morning panicking from polo freezing.

Withasmile: zhengfa881012, support will be with you within 24 hrs.DougBPalmer: NowMortimerJames, Seeing if any other options out there with lower fees.

Mirai: andrei.gavrila94, you need confirmations on the block chain first.Watchtower: violetlife, I will forward that to support to let them know you have been waiting.BaghDaddyKane: You literally all depend on corporations to do almost everything if you live in America.

Aboeb: Withasmile, Texasbread, Welcome to join the poloniex, I hope you can be patient with us who are full of cursing.Bitllionaire: Ripple up but remember If you or someone you love suffers from mesothelioma, you may be entitled to compensation.What we see is people screaming about delayed btc transactions stumbling over each other to baghold the only non crypto.CauseToBeKinder: squidgle, bringingthefuture, James-d592, bitcoin, ethereun are the most useful coins for people.

Ultron: TempName, Namechangebypass your delta chart are what destroyed you in dash.CryptoNeverSleeps: eyejay: I really like the advanced cryptography behind zcash and its clones.RedCar: fierydev, the loan offers for that rate are from multiple people, and they range from 2 to 60 days.CryptoBOOM: thanks to all the panic sellers on burst. simply loading up even more:))).Zebra: jaouaniaymen, xrp is not a crypto currency, it is a transport token.

GeniusCrypto: N00bBuyer, just be patient, lighting technologie will come, then LTC skyrockets.Graphical representation here: 4) Fortnight passes 5) In passing discussion, Marco mentions he has this file.ReggiePerrin: piergianni91, but releasing a billion per month.

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DrTradesman: logosnco, The lock down rumor was confirmed, the korean and japense exchanges now have xrp, and ledger wallet can now store it, so much good things yet the pric.KsiadzJozef: some people does not know EXP is best coin for 2017 trade.