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Below are five of my favorite WSOP stories that have nothing to do with poker.He sat down, the dealer asks him for his players card to clock him in, is so stoned he gives the dealer is medical marijuana card.

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But without thinking, I turned my hand over on the way to the muck line.

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She said that he beats her, takes her money and that he is the one that posts the ads on craigslist.I went all-in, then noticed that I had accidentally dealt the river burn card over my hand, making it dead.

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The gambling world can sometimes produce really off-the-wall stories. This Friday, the Card Player Poker Tour will make its first ever trip to Black Hawk,.

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Hi, I thought it would be fun to create a thread where people can share fun stories about poker players that not everybody has heard before. Mentioning Ted F.Police find more than 400 gambling machines in Macon warehouse. The General Assembly passed a statewide ban on video poker machines last year.Judging from his actions and his attempts to sound smooth, he was talking to his girlfriend.

I would walk up, get the stink eye and then once I took pictures they calmed down.I was with a group of girls and we had a crazy idea to play strip poker. I ended up losing all my clothes because I'm not the best poker player. Real Girl Stories.Home Forums > The Amazing World of Online Casinos and Poker Room > Casinomeister's Poker Room > Follow Casinomeister on Twitter | Facebook. funny story from the WSOP.Now that the regular has been turned onto the game we all start to exploit it.

The regular assumes the guy is bluffing about his cards and for some reason tries to bet him off his ace.Gambling stories of. Eight year old Aashish Nanak won $500,000 in an online poker tournament which ended in a legal battle with the poker room in question.Use the daily discussion thread or the weekly BBV threads for these posts, unless they are truly remarkable and deserve their own thread.Funniest Poker Stories. My favorite poker story. When I think of funny and poker, this is the only thing that comes to mind:.

About 10 years ago we were grinding in the same house when I heard this piercing scream followed by a huge crash.That charge him with dozens of charges and tell him he could get 15 years in prison.I used to date a poker player and 2p2 member for. I still come back every once in a while looking for funny or interesting stories. Funny Strip Club Stories.

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7 pages more jokes at: This is the world's largest poker jokes and stories collection.Poker! (1931 ) Woofing (1931) Spunk. that appear in The Zora Neale Hurston Plays at the Library of Congress in the late 1980s as. the early Hurston short story.I'm old fashioned and still miss the funny poker stories that used to be posted here by manglur, bradders and 'null' etc. ( I even miss daniel farell).

Anyway one hand he did a ridiculous sized raise, and the dealer went around the table collecting the next players folded cards, the next players folded cards, my call, the next players folded cards, and his folded cards.Unless you put a card protector on top to make it obvious which ones are yours.We were down to about three tables with Phil Ivey still in contention. The L.A. Lakers had a playoff game that night and Ivey wanted to see the game.Jordan is a known gambler and our fans would want to know that the retired six-time NBA champion was in the field.Funny Story; Poker Night. Six old retired guys are sat playing poker at Gary’s house one night when Rocco loses 600 bucks on a single hand. At the.

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Live poker can be an adventure. James Guill gives us five funny, yet true stories from some of his adventures playing live poker.

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(I work at a grocery store, and I am ringing up a regular problem customer. I am reaching for one of her fresh produce items when she snatches it away from me.).

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Sexism at the tables is a known problem and most of us have seen it at the tables.

This includes sharing stream links to paid content, and sharing the download of books or software.They come back after about 5 minutes and wasted guy reloads on chips.Bam jack on the turn I nod my head and walk away downstairs to the 5-5 game nursing my neck pain on the way down from the constant head shaking of bewilderment.At the start of a single table satellite that I was playing in, this lady takes her seat and a player in Seat 1 started hitting on her immediately.

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Friend was playing video poker changing his bet up and down. Amazing gambling Stories - Las Vegas Forum. Now that's funny.Every year, the World Series of Poker creates moments in history along with memory for players and fans that will last a lifetime.FUNNY STORIES here! Over 30 Side splitting stories! Get ready to laugh!!!!.