Future Cars (PODstyle) Re-Volt Set

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Future Cars is based on similar cars and tracks to the game POD. Its all about going fast.



These are the tracks which are currently compatible with Future Cars. I did not create these tracks, I have only modified them with new AI lines and UltraGrav force fields to keep these cars welded to the ground. If you have any objections to your tracks being hosted here, please let me know and I'll remove them (which would be a shame, but oh well!)


To install the future cars, you'll want to remove all pre-existing cars (except any future cars that aren't included in this pack) in the /cars directory. Then download the FutureCars.zip file and unzip it into your Re-Volt directory.


You can download a small sound pack that replaces some of the skids, hits and engine sounds with effects that are a little more aggressive.